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Organically created, unique gifts and furnishings, designed with nature

Taran Eco Designs – The Phoenix from the Flames


Once upon a time in a faraway place called Meirionnydd, lived a man; a good man; a kind man; a gifted man; a man who, liked the rest of us, liked to dream.

One night as he sat beneath a carpet of candlelit stars, and the cold winds of Snowdonia began to bite, he reached to put a piece of wood on the fire. Illuminated by the embers’ orange glow, he marvelled at the wood’s contours, its grain, its colour and its texture. As the wood burned, shapes and patterns appeared in the flames which he could not understand. That night he slept the sleep of sleeps.

The next day, as he began his walk home through the forests, he noticed something different. He no longer saw tree trunks or fallen branches. Instead he saw living forms of chairs, tables, beds......And so the legend of Taran Eco Designs began

Enter the world of Taran Eco Designs, where dreams become reality............